Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Hidden Will of the Dragon by Charlie Courtland

The story of Amara and the Countess Elizabeth Bathory' continues. This sequel picks up where the first one left off, with Elizabeth and Amara racing to Venice seeking the estate of Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth's ancestor. While in Venice, love comes calling. Elizabeth falls for an impoverished painter, and Amara reconnects with her former flame, Count George Drugeth. After returning to Catchice, Elizabeth starts experimenting with beauty elixers, as well as poisons. Accused of illness by the court, Elizabeth is confined to her estate and continues her dark work. When her results start piling up, Amara must distance herself from those she loves in order to survive the impending justice.
This book continues the adventures of Elizabeth and Amara. Told by Amara, readers get a glimpse into the life of Elizabeth without the story being all about the Countess. The story is fast paced and doesn't focus on Elizabeth's alleged crimes. Like Amara, I found myself drawn to Elizabeth, while being repulsed. I felt Amara's loneliness is being a soldier's wife.
This book was wonderful, but left my mind open to many questions. After pondering the book for a few days, I wonder if there will be a trilogy or if the story will end where it was left.
You can purchase the  Hidden Will of the Dragon is right now at Amazon for $2.99, and pick up the prequel, Dandelions in the Garden for $2.99 as well.


  1. I do too! At first it seemed so odd, going from a woman on the cover in the first to a mask. But I like it now!