Monday, April 2, 2012

Forever Amber Part II Review

Finding herself alone again, Amber seeks solace at a spa. Forever being Amber, She finds solace in the arms of a rich and older man. Amber's star continues to rise, but she can't forget Bruce. Amber will have to walk through fire, literally, to survive this part of Forever Amber.

Amber schemed even more in this Part to climb ever higher. Her desire to be someone brings her close to ruin many times in this part. I am still shaking my head at her. Bruce managed to make me even more sickened by him. Wow..... What a @#$%#$.  The men in Amber's life are so different, and I think that this showcases how Amber is viewed by those around her. Some are struck by her, some are revolted by her. Almsbury still has my affections for at least being honest with her and trying to talk sense into her head every now and then.

You can read my Part I review of Forever Amber here. 

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  1. I saved your comment in my email for later and then promptly forgot to stop by and comment. Sorry! It sounds like you enjoyed the book. Did you post a final review? Let me know so I can stop by and read it. Me? I fell WAY behind due to being out of town and then sick (still sick after two weeks) so I'm still not finished. Ugh! Thanks again for joining us for the read-a-long. We may have another in the future and maybe you can join us again.