Friday, May 4, 2012

Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot

Marguerite and Eleanor of Provence are sister as different as night and day. Marguerite is malleable and modest while Eleanor is passionate and outspoken. Marguerite marries Louis IX, King of France. At first, their marriage is loving, but Marguerite soon learns that her mother in law, Blanche of Castile, is the true Queen. Louis' passion for Marguerite is soon replaced by a religious zeal. Marguerite finds herself being a Queen without a Kingdom and a wife without a husband.
Eleanor marries Henry III of England. Though older, Henry is immediately smitten by his Provence bride. He spares no expense or effort to display his true affection for Eleanor. Eleanor, despite her initial reluctance, finds herself falling in love with her doting husband. But his passion can't disguise his lack of political skills. Constantly threatened by his barons, Henry lacks the iron hand to quell dissent within his kingdom. Eleanor finds herself bargaining constantly for peace.  Blood unites the sisters from Provence and never lets them forget each other.

Two Sisters. Two Rivals. Two Queens. Both sisters struggle to come to terms with the cards that they were dealt. Marguerite is jealous of Eleanor's marriage, while Eleanor longs for her sister's relative peace.Even in the past, Life wasn't fair. Like most sisters, the share their life unflinchingly with the other. Even when politics and life meddle with the sisters' relationship, the bond is not broken. When faced with conflicts, the sisters both channel the others personality traits. This speaks to their respect and love for each other. I love how the sisters mirror each other, as well as read each others thoughts. The history is amazing, but the bond of sisterhood is perfect.

I received this book from Darlene at Peeking between the Pages. Thanks Darlene!!

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