Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Raven's Heart: A story of a Quest, A Castle and Mary Queen of Scots by Jesse Blackadder

Before Alison Blackadder was born, her family castle was ripped from them and her grandmother was forced to marry the man who stole it. Now Alison, disguised as a lad answering to the name of Robert awaits the return of Mary Queen of Scots. Her father William, beliving that Alison will be more useful as a lady of the Queen, deems it time for her to return to her womanly ways. Alison becomes a confidante of Mary and teaches her to dress like a man as well. Together they explore Edinborough. But danger closes in on both the Queen and Alison. Alison faces hard decisions at every turn. Who can a girl trust?

Alison Blackadder is a feisty Scots girl with a man's heart. Driven by the desire to have her family's castle returned to her, Alison will stop at nothing.  She is the perfect match for the femininity of Mary, Queen of Scots. Though her heart is consumed by the lore of Blackadder Castle, she finds herself loving the Scots Queen. Alison remains loyal to the Queen, even after Mary executes one close to her. I find myself really being drawn to Alison, even as she changes and evolves. Her loyalty never waivers, and her love for her family is endearing. I loved how Alison shows us the world of Mary Queen of Scots without letting Mary rule the story. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I love how the story of one's ancestors become a great and exciting read!


Publication Date: September 11, 2011 | Bywater Books | 464p

Scotland, 1561, and a ship comes across the North Sea carrying home Mary, the young, charismatic Queen of Scots, returning after thirteen years in the French court to wrest back control of her throne.

The Blackadder family has long awaited for the Queen's return to bring them justice. Alison Blackadder, disguised as a boy from childhood to protect her from the murderous clan that stole their lands, must learn to be a lady-in-waiting to the Queen, building a web of dependence and reward.

Just as the Queen can trust nobody, Alison discovers lies, danger, and treachery at every turn.

This sweeping, imaginative, and original tale of political intrigue, misplaced loyalty, secret passion, and implacable revenge is based on real characters and events from the reign of Mary Queen of Scots.

"The Raven's Heart" is a breathtaking epic from a bold, fresh voice. Winner of the Varuna HarperCollins Manuscript Development Award, "The Raven's Heart" was published in Australia in 2011.

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Born in Sydney, Jesse now lives near Byron Bay. She is an award-winning short-story writer and freelance journalist, fascinated by landscapes and belonging. Her first novel was After the Party (2005), which was voted onto the Australian Book Review’s list of all time favourite Australian novels in February 2010. She is writing her next novel about the first woman to reach Antarctica.

I received this book as a part of the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.
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