Thursday, February 21, 2013

Uneasy lies the Crown by N. Gemini Sasson

Owain Glyndwr lives the life of a Welsh Nobleman with a loving wife and 11 kids. Having fought beside Richard II, Owain has ties to the English Crown and lives in relative peace.When Henry of Bolingbrook usurps the crown from Richard II, Owain's life becomes difficult after refusing to fight alongside the English. Owain, now a Traitor, begins leading a Welsh Rebellion. But wars come at a cost, and Owain isn't exempt from such costs. Prophesied to be the deliverer of Wales, Owain wonders what price he must pay for Wales' Freedom. As his family crumbles, and those he loves fall, Owain doubts himself, the prophecy and his mission. A battle hardened man must decide what is worth fighting for.

N Gemini Sasson's latest book is a heart wrenching story of war, love, lust and honor. Owain was a family man, setting aside his duties to protect his family. His honor and honesty draw many supporters. Readers watch as Owain transforms from a family man to a warrior. His self doubt was gut wrenching and it was hard to follow Owain down the path he chose. The price of freedom and the price of love have never been so steep. This wonderful book broke my heart, but had me cheering for Owain and Wales' Freedom.  A Five Star Read!!

I received this book from t he generous author. This in no way affected my review!
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  1. 11 kids? Dang I can't imagine having that many little humans running about. hahahaha. Great review! Sounds good!

  2. I know. Seriously. 11. What happens to you after that?
    Not that I can say much, my gma was one of 11. Big families scare me though!!

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