Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daughter of Troy by Sarah B Franklin

Briseis, Daughter of Bresus, is the Princess of Lyrnessos. As a child, she lives a carefree life playing with her twin brother. After receiving a sign from the gods, she is declared a seer and the heiress to the throne of Lyrnessos. Briseis begins serving Potnia, the goddess. Her father also begins finding her a husband to defend Lyrnessos as Agamemnon begins preparing to invade Troy. When the warrior Mynes married Briseis, life changes again. Battered and bruised, she longs for freedom. Black sails approach and Lyrnessos is sacked. With her husband dead, Briseis is unsure of what to expect. She falls for the handsome warrior, Achilles. Given to him, she follows him to Troy. Briseis bring the Trojan War to life through the eyes of Achilles' lover and the greatest threat to the Greek Army.

Being somewhat familiar with the Trojan War, I was aware of Briseis. But her story is amazing. She brings the Trojan War to life, showing the players not as immortal heroes, but mortal beings with flaws. I also loved how her story begins before the war. This allows readers to see the whole story. There is gore and sex in this book, but neither is overdone.

I really enjoyed this book.

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