Friday, April 5, 2013

HFVBT Guest Post with M.J. Rose

 Today, M. J. Rose stops in to give us a taste of Seduction.

Victor Hugo

From Chapter 18         
            Reaching out, Jac took Theos hand once more. They were connected again. She felt safer. Then more terrorized. Safety. Terror. All that kept her from falling was his hand. What propelled her forward was his hand. Where their cold skin was touching felt suddenly hot, like molten metal, bonding them, soldering them. Even if she wanted to let go, she couldn’t anymore. They had merged.
Maybe he would jump and decide her fate for her. She was incapable of action. As desperate to step back as to step forward. To throw herself over the edge. To back up away from the edge.
            Theo was talking to her now, holding her hand now. Saying something, but she could
nt make out what. The waterfall was too loud. It was too beautiful. She pulled away.
Finally free. His fingers were no longer clutching hers. The water was coming up to meet her, and then it was cold. So very cold.

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