Thursday, May 30, 2013

HFVBT Review for Spartacus: Rebellion

After freeing himself and his gladiators from the Ludus and Capua and defeating three praetors, two consuls, and one proconsul, Spartacus is ready to return to Thrace. Now situated in Northern Italy, Spartacus is close to his dream of returning home. His generals however,  have different plans. 

In Rome, Marcus Licinius Crassus is dreaming of defeating the gladiator he once watched fight. As the richest man in Rome, he plans to purchase his way to the fight for Rome herself. He plans on emerging victorious, and the Senate has given him authority to bring Spartacus to his knees, no matter the cost. 

War looms. Men will die. History will be written. 

As the borders of Rome come into view, Spartacus and his army think about their future. For some like Spartacus, home calls. Others want Rome. As this tug of war plays out, readers get to know Spartacus even better as his heart is being tugged in different directions. In the second book, the action picks up even more as battle lines are drawn in the sand. I also enjoyed reading more in the perspective of some of the secondary characters. Ben Kane writes an amazing tale of an amazing man and his amazing army. Highly recommended. 

The publisher was kind enough to give me a copy of Spartacus: Gladiator to review, which I will do soon.

About the Author

Ben Kane was born in Kenya and raised there and in Ireland. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon from University College Dublin, and worked in Ireland and the UK for several years. After that he travelled the world extensively, indulging his passion for seeing the world and learning more about ancient history. Seven continents and more than 65 countries later, he decided to settle down, for a while at least.

While working in Northumberland in 2001/2, his love of ancient history was fuelled by visits to Hadrian's Wall. He naively decided to write bestselling Roman novels, a plan which came to fruition after several years of working full time at two jobs - being a vet and writing. Retrospectively, this was an unsurprising development, because since his childhood, Ben has been fascinated by Rome, and particularly, its armies. He now lives in North Somerset with his wife and family, where he has sensibly given up veterinary medicine to write full time.

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  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Allison!

  2. Ben, both of the books were phenomenal!

  3. *blushes* - thank you, Allison!