Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mistress to the Crown by Isolde Martyn

Jane Shore, the gorgeous merchant's wife, is swept off her feet when King Edward's counselor William Hasting's shows up at her husband's shop. Eager to be rid of her impotent husband and her loveless marriage, Jane becomes Hasting's lover. Things change when she meets the King. Jane finds herself drawn into Edward's Court. As she rids herself of her husband, she finds other problems. Her family has disowned her and the Queen's family hates her. But Jane is determined to be happy. When Ned becomes sick, Jane's life quickly changes. Left without a friend in London, Jane is brought low.

I had heard about Jane Shore, but never had a chance to read about her. And 2013 is her time to shine!! Not one, but two major books being written about the merriest of Edward's mistresses. Jane is a generous and kind woman. Though she becomes a rich and almost powerful woman, she never abuses her power or forgets those less fortunate. Nor does she lose her sense of adventure. As a lover and friend to Edward, Jane thrives. When Ned dies early, Jane is lost and loses all her friends and stability. Jane displays true strength and never stops searching for happiness. I really enjoyed being able to read about one of England's famous mistresses!! Martyn does a wonderful job bringing this vivacious woman to life!

Thank you to NetGalley and the  Publisher for providing me this book!

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