Friday, August 23, 2013

Vlad: The Last Confession

Vlad the Impaler's story is told by the three people who knew him the best. His confessor Brother Vasile, his mistress Ilona and his right-hand man, Ion Tremblac recount Vlad's life, hoping to restore his honor. Beginning with his imprisonment by the Turks and ending with his death, Vlad's story unfolds.

I loved this book. The beginning is odd. Three witnesses questioned in the same room, but curtained off from each other. They replay the past; weeping, rejoicing and praising the Prince of Wallachia. The mystery at the beginning creates a suspenseful setting. Once the memories begin to flow, readers are intrigued by Vlad. He is merciful and vengeful. Loving and heartless. I can understand his actions better, and Humphrey shows how Vlad wasn't any crueler than others. In the end, Vlad is mysterious, not only to readers, but the three who knew him best.

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