Friday, August 21, 2015

Wolf Winter by Cecelia Ekbäck

Maija and her small family move from their native Finland to Sweden in 1717 to farm in the shadows of Blackåsen, a foreboding mountain. While herding goats, Maija's daughter finds a mutilated body of a neighbor, whose death is quickly blamed on a wolf. But Maija knows it was no wolf, but a man. Compelled to investigate, Maija soon finds herself almost alone in the shadow of Blackåsen, facing a wolf winter. 

I enjoyed this book. The twists came a lot at the end, almost feeling like "Atonement" in some respects. The book could be slow. I liked how the mountain seemed to be a presence or person. I also liked Fredericka's reaction to the mountain, as I felt it moved the book along. 

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