Friday, October 21, 2016

A Man's Word by Martin Jensen

Once again sent by King Cnut to investigate loyalty; Halfdan, Winston and Alfilda find themselves in Thetford's busy fair & market. Their host, a wealthy farmer is going to court to accuse a thane of assaulting his slave girl. The thane lies, and the case is dismissed. Angry words are spoken, and the thane is found dead the next morning. A trail of lies and bodies begins stacking up for the crime solving trio.

This case is the most complex case for Halfdan, Winston and Alfilda to date. The politics seems to really be pushing in on this case. The women are left out of court proceedings and the chances for Halfdan to regain his standing seem to be improving. This leaves our characters in a bit of a pinch to quickly solve this case. I loved the interaction and freshness Alfilda brings to the book. The book is really well written and enjoyable.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

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  1. huh. Sounds more interesting then I originally thought! Thanks for sharing!