Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tidewater by Libbie Hawker

Pocahontas is the young spoiled lowborn daughter of Powhatan. John Smith, the commoner and former slave, now the leader of the settlers in Jamestown. They form a bond, each trying to keep the peace while not betraying their group. Told from the perspective of the Native Americans, this book tells the side of history commonly forgotten.

I really enjoyed Hawker's previous books, and I found that I enjoyed this one just as much. Pocahontas is a spoiled girl full of dreams of power and knowledge, but she is very lovable. I enjoyed watching her mature and admit her failings. I also liked her loyalty to both her tribe and her adopted brother. I hated how her story ends, but you can't change the past. The scenery is beautiful and raw at parts, but life was raw too. This book is wonderful and leaves the reader wanting more, while rethinking history.


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