Monday, February 27, 2017

An Almond for a Parrot by Wray Delaney

Young Tully Truegood never leaves her drunken father's house, but sees magical things. When she is forced into a marriage by her father at age 12, nothing changes. Only the arrival of her new stepmother change things. Tully soon learns her stepmother runs a brothel, and Tully is trained in the arts. Her stepmother's associate, Mr. Crease, trains Tully in the supernatural arts. Tully soon catches the eye of a lover, and learns the pain of heartbreak.  After her life and the life of those she loves are threatened by her estranged husband, Tully does what she must to survive. 

Wow. This was an amazing book. A seriously awesome read full of twists and turns. Obviously,  with the book being about a prostitute, sex is a part of the book. Tully is a wonderfully warm hearted girl. The plot is amazing. The characters are wonderful. The parrot is great. Readers won't be disappointed with this novel.
Thank you to the publisher for a review copy.