Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fall by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

The Fall leaves us where The Strain left off. Abraham Setrakian, the make-shift leader of the group, is still struggling with his failure to destroy the Master. Eph Goodweather and Nora Martinez are trying to protect Zach from his undead mother. Vasiliy Fet is trying to kill vampires. 
New York is no longer New York. Looting, Vandalism, and riots are occurring, but quarantine is not. This means that The Master now controls the government. 
As the group tries to kill and track down the Master, while protecting themselves and Zach, they learn more about the epidemic. The learn of the book that holds the secrets to the end of the Vampires. Desperate to obtain the book, all options are on the table. 
Will Setrakian destroy the Master? Will Zach be safe from his mother? 

The Fall is just as complex as The Strain was. If you enjoyed it, then by all means, devour this one. Be warned, a little review of The Strain will come in handy. Also, its a slow start, but quickly picks up and leaves you turning pages. 
All in all, The Fall is a strong follow up and a great read!

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