Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Time it Snowed in Puerto Rico by Sarah McCoy

This compelling coming of age story is great. Verdita, a single child, has enjoyed Puerto Rico, and her family for 11 years. But things are changing. Verdita can feel it. JFK visits Puerto Rico and Verdita is learning English. Things at home are changing, too. After Verdita finds her Mama and Papi alone one night, she gets angry. Then, Mama announces she is pregnant. Verdita is furious. Angry at the world, Verdita does things she regrets, like becoming a blonde bombshell, and fighting with her family. Verdita also gets a taste of boys. Blake, an American comes to visit Verdita's family, and he lights up her life. Blake seems to understand Verdita, her feelings and her problems.
Finally, Verdita comes to term with her mama's pregnancy, but is it too late?

This book was good. Wonderful. It was easy to connect with Verdita and be sympathetic. The book was chalked full of Puerto Rico, from the weather, religion, food, culture and people. I loved this!
And the book came in a cute little bag, packed with Puerto Rican Food, and goodies!And the bag picture decided to rotate!

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