Monday, February 7, 2011

Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King

I won this book from the amazing Heather at The Maiden's Court . Thanks again Heather! This book was a delicious continuation of my Medieval Anglo History. This tour de force started with The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick and continued with this book. Both books cover powerful queens, each in their own right. Both were/are wonderful books and I recommend both books with great enthusiasm.
Queen Hereafter tells the story of saintly Margaret of Scotland. As a landless Saxon princess, she lands on Scotland's shores and is married to Malcolm of Scotland. Unwilling at first, Malcolm and Margaret eventually come to love each other. These polar opposites enrage and endear each other. Enter Eva, the hostage princess from Moray. She befriends Margaret, but incenses Malcolm. But Margaret is not the only Scottish Queen Eva pays fealty to. Gruadh, Eva's grandmother controls the North as Macbeth's windowed queen. Eva walks a fine line trying to please one queen while befriending the other.
I loved this book. Susan kept the book interesting, and I was intrigued as Margaret carried on about her life. I had wanted this book for such a long time. I drooled over it. And it didn't disappoint.
The writing is so real that I can feel Malcolm gaze upon Margaret, I can feel him take her hand, and I can hear him scold her. This book feels so real.
I do however, wish that it had extended further into Margaret and Malcolm's life. Sequel perhaps??? One can only hope. Margaret is fascinating. 8 kids?? Really??? In a time when most women succumbed to child bed hardships. I want to know more about this queen.
Susan Fraser King has also written Lady Macbeth. I want to read this book soon to get a view of Gruadh.

Up next is My Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell. This is a novel of Nell Gwynn. I won this book from the wonderful Lizzy from Historically Obsessed.
Be sure and check out both Heather and Lizzy!!!

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