Monday, March 21, 2011

Dandelions in the Garden by Charlie Courtland

Amara Borbala is reaching the end of her days. She waits, mostly alone, save the ghosts that haunt her. One day, Amara receives an odd visitor, a ghost from her past. John Drugeth, the spitting image of his grandfather, shows up and wants to know his family history. In order to keep John from making the same mistake as his grandfather, Amara strikes a deal with the dashing count. She will write his family history and deliver it when he marries the woman he loves, not the woman his family wants him to marry.
Amara begins to write her memoirs, starting with her losing her mother and becoming a lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth is engaged to marry Count Nádasdy, but is head strong. She falls in love with a landowner's son and bears him a daughter that is taken away. As her marriage to Count Nádasdy approaches, Elizabeth becomes increasingly erratic and destructive. At this time, Amara meets the handsome and loving Count George Drugeth.  She is taken by him, and believes that they will one day marry. After the marriage, she calms and becomes determined to keep her husband from exercising his "conjugal rights". Amara's life takes a devastating turn when George announces that he is to marry a woman of his family's choosing. Heartbroken, Amara returns to Cachtice with Elizabeth. When Count Nádasdy returns to the castle, he brings Sir Draco, who stirs up Amara's passions. They fall in love and are married. Soon, war calls and the men leave the castle, leaving Elizabeth and Amara alone. Elizabeth hatches a plan to visit her Aunt Klara and the landowner's son. There, Elizabeth learns her diabolical trade and soon begins her own closet room. She is also engaging in extramarital affairs, which can be disastrous. But, war looms. Elizabeth and Amara learn that Draco has been taken hostage and hatch a rescue plan.
I bought this book at Amazon here for $2.99!! And the sequel Hidden Will of the Dragon is $3.99! Plan of having both to seamlessly read. You will want to!
Dandelions in the Garden is an amazing book. I loved it. Amara is wonderful, and though she loves Elizabeth, she also loathes her. She purposefully isolates herself during Elizabeth's erratic times to ensure her own safety. I loved Count George Drugeth, until I met Draco. True love!!! This is a fast paced story that you won't want to put down!

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