Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ripe for Pleasure by Isobell Carr

Viola Whedon, is London's most (in)famous courtesan. And she needs protection from scorned lovers. Enter Leonidas Vaughn with an agenda of his own. He believes that secret treasure might be hidden somewhere in Viola's house. Intent on securing the treasure for his own, he begins to seduce Viola. The couple is attacked after a night out on the town, leaving Viola believing she is to blame. Leo sprints Viola off to his recently inherited horse farm to recuperate. While Viola is away, Leo takes the opportunity to search her house. Also searching Viola's house is Leo's unstable and greedy cousin. While in Leo's care, Viola realizes she is falling for him. Viola believes the relationship to be beneficial and purely physical, so she demands to return to London. Leo is devastated, but refuses to let London Society tear him away from Viola. London is a dark and dangerous place, especially with Leo's cousin looking for Viola and Leo. Viola is kidnapped one night. Leo pursues his cousin and Viola. He finds them, and rescues a bloody and battered Viola. While she recovers at his estate, she is once again kidnapped by a Vaughn family member. This time Leo's mother spirits Viola away. Will Viola ever escape the Vaughn Family?
This book is a definite bodice ripper. And its a good one. I usually am not one that likes bodice rippers. They seem over done, they seem fake. Mostly, if I can see through the plot, anyone can. However, I liked this one. The plot was not easily guessable to me. The characters were real, both the main and supporting characters. I even found myself loving the dog!!! I have heard that there is a sequel coming out, Ripe for Scandal, and I will read that one. This book is great when you need a light, fluffy, but steamy read. Careful, it is hot! 

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