Friday, June 17, 2011

Spoilers or no?

I was thinking about book blogging today. I realized that when I review a book, I summarize the WHOLE thing, leaving spoilers in there and all. Maybe this isn't a good thing. Why read the book if I tell you what's going on? So, my few faithful readers, tell me. Summary with Spoilers and all or leave the natural book mysteries intact?

Tell me in the comments, PLEASE!


  1. For me personally, I prefer the short and sweet reviews. I don't like to rehash the summary and tend to just put the synopsis for the book and then a few paragraphs on my thoughts, the character development, plot, etc. I like my readers to go into a book as fresh as possible!

  2. That's what I am wondering.... I think I may have to change my style. I know I personally hate reading a book I've already got spoilers on....