Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Secret of A Spicy Jalapeno by Charlie Courtland

Joe Parker grows jalapenos. Spicy ones too. The secret to Joe’s spicy jalapenos is the compost he makes with the help of the sheriff and few other people in town. Then Vera shows up. The sheriff offers her protection in exchange for information. And Joe is that protection. How can Joe continue his operation if Vera is constantly around snooping? And why are things all of suddenly going seriously wrong? As Joe and Vera become closer, who can say what will become of the spicy jalapenos and their secrets.
Upon reading the first few pages, I realized that this book isn’t your grandmothers “who-done-it” tale of mystery, deceit and death. Courtland writes a story that is both wholesome and gruesome. A contradiction that somehow fully satisfies the reader. She also delves into human nature. Are humans good or bad; right or wrong? I enjoyed this book. Joe isn’t your average guy. And his problems aren’t run of the mill.  I highly recommend this book, especially for anyone looking for a not so average tale!
I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review. You can find Charlie Courtland here or buy this wonderful book here. Also, check out her novels on Elizabeth Bathory, Dandelions in the Garden and The Hidden Will of the Dragon

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