Monday, November 21, 2011

Worth Dying For by N Gemini Sasson

Worth Dying For continues the struggles for the Scottish Crown. Robert Bruce and his companions live to see Scotland live free, while King Edward of England fights to retain control over this errant land. Bruce seeks to unite Scotland to forever by driving the English from Scotland's hills and lochs. He depends on his men, especially James "The Black" Douglas. But Robert aches for his old life, and that of his loved ones. His wife, daughter and two sisters are captives of Edward. His three brothers have forfeited their lives for Robert and his cause. And still there is no end in sight to the bloodshed to free Scotland.  Robert is still stuggling to even be able to fight, but is unable to surrender. His heart pines for his wife and child. Though he pushes on, he often wonders if the price of freedom is too high to pay.
James has nothing to lose, but his life. He faithfully follows his king, and never doubts his commander's ability. Fearless in battle, he is a faithful friend and ally.
Edward is stuggling to hold his kingdom and loved ones together, even as he eyes another kingdom. Piers is the love of Edward's life and his true reason for breathing. But Piers is hated by the other jealous nobles. To keep Piers save, Edward would give up his crown.And why must his father mock him from the grave? Has Longshanks not done enough to ridicule Poor Edward.

If Sasson's first book was an introduction to the cast, her second book throws the reader into the soap opera and drama. The fighting and battles quickly start and keep crashing like waves on the loch's shore. My poor Scottish Lords! Wearied to the bone, they must push on.
Like the first book in The Bruce Trilogy, Worth Dying For goes back and forth between Robert, James and Edward's points of view. This allows the reader to see the characters in their full depth and life. Robert, once strong, is now weakened by doubt and loneliness. James becomes a strong and confident leader with a magnetism that draws others to him. Edward snivels and allows himself to be bullied by his subjects and wife.  I found myself falling in love with James, all while feeling sympathy for Edward and his lover Piers.
The fighting in this book picks up and becomes the focus. Both sides fight to the death and suffer losses.
The prose in the end of Worth Dying For is lovely and to die for! I felt captured by the spirit of Scotland, like I was standing on the lines at Bannock Burn.
One of my favorite quotes: “And in that I never saw more truth...than to truly live, was to have something worth dying for."
I recommend that you go buy all of these books, you will need them!!!

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