Friday, December 2, 2011

Ripe for Scandal by Isobel Carr

The League of Second Sons returns with a bang. Boudicea "Beau" Vaughn is the lovely but untouchable sister of Lord Leonidas Vaughn. Gareth Sandison knows Beau is above him, even if her brother did approve. Beau is aware of Gareth's rakish reputation, but still can't shake him from her mind. When she is kidnapped by a scorned suitor's henchman, she knows she is ruined. Her liberator is none other than Gareth. She convinces Gareth to complete the kidnapping and marry her. Against his better judgement, Gareth agrees. Beau's family intercepts the couple before the vows are exchanged, and grudgingly accepts Gareth. But their new marriage is tested by the appearance of a small child bearing Gareth's blue eyes and name. Will Beau and Gareth regret their hasty decision?
I loved the second book in The League of Second Sons series just as much as I loved the first. Beau is much more fiery than Viola, which makes for some great dialogue. And Gareth is a total sweetheart of a man! The introduction of the Sandison heir, Jaime, makes for quite a mystery, which amps up the story! The love scenes were nice, not overdone, but well written. Isobel Carr writes some awesome books. Pick this one up when you need a fluffy but sturdy read!


  1. Awww, I'm a sucker for stories like these. Cute little romances but is also a "sturdy read". ^.^ I'll have to add this and the first one to my TBR list.

    PS - You should check out Gaelen Foley's Knight series (the first on is called 'The Duke', they are cute romances mixed with action and intrigue).

  2. Exactly! I knew Carole would understand!!!

    I have heard you rave about them, I may have to see if I can find them!

  3. =D

    Yeaaaaah, I do. I just can't help about adore those books. ^.^