Monday, January 16, 2012

The Second Duchess by Elizabeth Loupas

Barbara of Austria keeps hearing rumors. He killed her with his bare hands they say. Fearing her new husband, the Duke of Ferrera, she begins to ask questions about the mysterious death of his first duchess, Lucrezia de Medici. The Duke insists his child bride died from ill humors. Inquisitive Barbara is unable to let the mystery die and spends much of her time trying to unravel the questions surrounding the mysterious death. Her questions bring her misery and endanger her life. Will she suffer the same fate as the first duchess?
I adored this book. I had hears wonderful things about this book and they are all true.
Barbara is a perfectly saucy duchess. She can kill with words and expects the respect her Hapsburg and Imperial lineage demands. Alfonso is stony and untouchable. He expects obedience from all, including Barbara. This sets the stage for conflict.
This novel pefectly blends the mystery and thrill with historical details. I highly recommended this book. In fact, I've been having a hard time finding a book to follow this wonderful book.