Friday, February 24, 2012

The Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth

Catherine Gordon, a Scottish beauty and nephew to King James IV, is married to Richard, the Duke of York and the rightful King of England. Their marriage is a happy one, full of love and political promise. Catherine and Richard, along with their young son sail to England to take back the throne from the usurper Henry Tudor. Full of youth and promise, they believe the English will welcome them with open arms. Defeated and captured, their young son is taken from them. They spend the next few years living in fear in the Tudor Court. Henry, who is married to Richard's sister, longs to make Catherine his own and be rid of Richard once and for all. Political pressures keep Richard a prisoner and Catherine a hostage. After much abuse, Richard wishes for death and is executed. Catherine is relieved that Richard is free, but is heartbroken. Still a captive of England, she is given land and starts to make a new life for herself.
This book was an amazing story. History maintains that it was Perkin Warbeck who married Catherine Gordon and landed on England's shores. Sandra Worth presents the story of the living prince, Richard. Catherine is forced to face many adversities. The reader watches as her life that was full of promise as England's queen is transformed into a captive pseudo widow. When she is finally a widow, the reader's heart breaks for the grieving Catherine. Even in her grief, Catherine holds her head high and defies the will of Henry VII. This book was heartbreaking and endearing all at the same time. I think I cried through a third of the book. Bravo Sandra Worth!


  1. I loved this book! Before reading this I had never heard the theory about Perkin being one of the lost princes in the tower. I can't wait to see what she has in store for future endeavors, but for now I am going to read all her past works.

  2. I had heard about Perkin being Richard, but never paid much heed. It does make sense though, after you think about it. Why would foreign leaders support a boatman's son for King?
    This was my first Sandra Worth book, but I love her already!!!
    And I love your blog too BTW!!!