Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Swan Maiden by Jules Watson

Deirdre is cursed before she even leaves the womb. Her beauty is foretold to bring ruin to Ulster and it's king, Conor. Ignoring the pleas to banish her, he allows her to live, saving her for his eyes only. Raised by a childless couple and a Druid, she soon realizes that she is meant to be one of Conor's possessions. Hearing that his first wife, Maeve left him, Deirdre decides to do the same after crossing paths with three warrior brothers. Sworn to protect the kingdom, the Red Branch Warriors reluctantly take Deirdre in. Naisi, the eldest brother who is despised by Conor for his prowess, decides that the four must leave Erin and seek refuge elsewhere. They travel across the waters to an enemy kingdom, hoping to life a quiet, peaceful life. Soon the brothers are warriors again, fighting for the enemy king. News of Deirdre's beauty and wildness spreads to the ears of the king, who covets her for his own. Deirdre and Naisi have fallen in love, though neither understands the other. When Conor finds Deirdre and the brothers, he allows them to come home under the banner of forgiveness. But Conor is unable to let go of such beauty and demands that Naisi give Deirdre back.
This retelling of ancient Celtic myth is gorgeous. Deirdre, a druid trained woman, is a wonderful heroine. She leaves her safe and happy home for a free and simple life. But simple isn't always possible, especially when you're in love with an ambitious warrior who always wins. Though the two are a perfect match, their love isn't always perfect.
This book features gorgeous writing that seems to flow like Erin's streams. Watson makes you feel the connection with nature and the steel of Red Branch blades.
This is a book that I highly recommend!!


  1. huh, sounds really good. Poor be cursed like that. that would really stink.

  2. Wouldn't it. I loved her, but I can see it being a basis for like Snow White or something like that... I'd hate to be chased like that, especially when you aren't interested.