Monday, April 30, 2012

The King Must Die by N Gemini Sasson

The She-Wolf, Isabella of France is the height of her power. Her husband, Edward II, has given up the throne in favor of his young son, Edward III. England's sovereignty is shaky due to Edward II's incapable rule, but Isabella is determined that her son will one day rule both England and France. Isabella relies on her lover, Roger Mortimer to guide her son and ensure her will is followed. After Edward II is found dead in his cell, Isabella and Mortimer are the prime suspects. Isabella faces a looming civil war, a distrustful son, an isolated lover and ghosts of her past transgressions.

N Gemini Sasson returns to the rule of Edward II, focusing this time on the English viewpoint. Isabella, known as the vicious She-Wolf, springs off the pages and to life. She rules England in all but name and is a survivor. Risen from the ashes to rule, she knows what is is like to have no power, and she knows what it is like to have all the power. She is an excellent judge of character, and even has the ability to see the flaws in those that she loves. However, she chooses to ignore these flaws, which endangers her. I loved the ability to see into her mind and understand the reasoning behind her actions.
I loved how Sasson lets the reader see the politics as well. The story features both politics with France and Scotland. James Douglas (!!!) even makes an appearance.
I loved this book. Whether or not you like Isabella, you have to admire her courage and resilience.


  1. I love Historical Fiction so this one sounds right down my alley. I had never heard of it before!

  2. Meg, she also wrote a trilogy on Robert the Bruce and Scotland. That trilogy was awesome, and started with The Crown in the Heather. Right now, you can pick up the e version of Crown in the Heather for 99 cents!!