Monday, June 17, 2013

The Taker by Alma Katsu

When Lanore McIlvrae walks into St Andrews ER, Luke's life is changed forever. Though she is deemed dangerous, Luke spends the overnight shift talking to her, though she is deemed a dangerous killer. She tells him her story starting two hundred years ago. As a girl, she was in love with the town founder's son. Determined to have him at any cost, she watches as he falls in love with all the other town girls. Sent away, she comes upon Adair, who takes her in. But Lanny can't forget  Jonathon and is determined to have him, no matter the cost. This historical thriller explores the depth of love and its price. 

Having heard wonderful things about Ms. Katsu's The Taker, I was eager to begin reading this novel. And it didn't disappoint. Lanny is a mesmerizing character, even when she is at her worst. Spoiled and amorous Jonathon is one of the men readers love to hate. He is selfish and conceited, however as a reader I feel Lanny's attraction to him. I loved the other characters, and how they blend into the novel. The action leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat. Very good book!!

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