Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith

Jane Lambert is an mercers daughter. Though she is about to be married to dull William Shore, her heart belongs to another, Tom. When Lord Hastings finds Jane, he knows Edward will love her. Jane becomes his mistress and Edward's hedonistic lifestyle becomes the death of him. Jane again finds herself drawn to Tom, who was the King's stepson. Jane's turbulent life leads to greatness and pain.

This was my first Anne Easter Smith novel. I really enjoyed the writing, even though she portrayed Jane is a slightly unsympathetic light. Jane was smart, but always found herself in Tom's arms despite his treatment of her. I did enjoy how the novel really brought all the characters to life, including Richard and Elizabeth the Queen. I can't wait to read another novel by her.

I received the review copy from Edelweiss.

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