Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dark Amelia by Sally O'Reilly

Aemilia Bass another grows up as a favorite in the court of Elizabeth I. She is protected by her much older lover Baron Hunsdon, the Queen's cousin. But she is also in love with William Shakespeare. She is quickly married off to her foolish gambling cousin, Alfonso Lanier, after becoming pregnant. The marriage is a disaster and they fall into debt. William Shakespeare is all but forgotten. But when the plague strikes London, Amelia will do anything to save her sick son. 

This novel was interesting. Aemilia was an enigma. She is intelligent, but held captive by her good for nothing husband. A lot of the novel is spent in poorer sections of London and it's not pretty. However, I enjoyed the twists and turns, but sometimes failed to keep up with Dark Amelia and her mindset. Thought I liked the book, I think that some will enjoy this book more than I did. 

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy.

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