Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Amber Keeper by Freda Lightfoot

Abbie Myers returns home to the English Lake District after her mother's tragic suicide. Reeling from the news, Abbie is devastated when she is blamed for her mother's heartbreak and death after running away to Paris with after falling pregnant with a married man. Millie, Abbie's grandmother is the only person who isn't blaming her. As Abbie tries to put her life back together after the tragedy of her mother, loss of her family, leaving her lover and trying to revive her mother's business, she begins to listen to her grandmother's story as a governess for a Russian Countess leading up to World War I. 

Both of these women had interesting stories, but Millie really shined. I connected with her. Abbie was okay, but a bit flighty in matters of the heart. The Russian grandeur was accurately portrayed, a grand facade steadily crumbling from pressures. I liked that the revolution was included. Stefan was a good character, but he was annoyingly stubborn. the plot was complex, but you could see it coming together. It was a good read.

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