Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Medicis Daughter by Sophie Perinot

Margot, a Princess of France, is summoned to her mother's court in 1564. At court, her widowed mother, Catherine de Medicis, rules over a country divided by religion. Margot easily makes friends of her mother's women spies, but finds that she must follow a different set of rules. Margot easily falls in love with the Duc de Guise, leader of the Catholic faction at court, but is betrothed to Henri of Navarre, her uncouth cousin to seal a truce. Margot sees behind the illusion of peace and begs her brother, King Charles, to spare her husband. The night that follows sets France and Margot's family into a path of chaos and destruction.  

This book was amazing. Margot is a perfect character. She is smart, caring and a little bit stubborn. I loved her evolution from a fresh convent girl to a Princess of France. Her family dynamics were captured with amazing clarity, even down to the most minuscule detail. Catherine's rule was far stretching and absolute, but Margot challenges her. Pick up this perfect book. I knew I'd love it as much as I loved Perinot's first book, Sister Queens

Thank you to the publisher for a review copy.

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