Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forbidden Queen by Anne O'Brien

Katherine de Valois is a queen won in battle. Given to Henry V of England after the battle of Agincourt, Katherine is smitten with her groom. As a forgotten child, she longs for love and a purpose. Her purpose, according to Henry, is to provide an heir and nothing more. Heartbroken, Katherine learns to live alone and unloved. When she is widowed young, Katherine feels her youth end. Destined to be the Queen Mother, Katherine must give up her wants for the good of her son and England's future king. But life has other plans for The Forbidden Queen.

This book was my first book by Anne O'Brien, and my first book about Katherine de Valois. Anne is a wonderful author, who brings Katherine to life. I enjoyed how Anne even displayed her flaws, including her insecurity and mood swings. Though some thought Katherine's indecision made the book stall, I found it strengthened it. I love how both Katherine and Owen fought hard for their love, even after they married. This is an awesome book. I loved it! Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy.


  1. Fantastic! I don't know much about her either...
    BTW! Glad to see you back!

  2. Thanks Carole! Its been a crazy summer. Hubby is going back to school. You know how that goes!!

    I didn't think much about her. But kinda interesting, no Katherine and Owen, No Tudors ruling England!