Friday, August 26, 2011

To Defy A King by Elizabeth Chadwick

"You  have to know when to seize the advantage and when to yield. I do not make the mistake of pushing at doors that will never unlock." Mahelt Marshal never yields. Born of famous knight William Marshal, "she has all her father's vigor and energy-if not his tact. From being a tiny girl she always tried to matcher her big brothers at everything. " As the beloved daughter, Mahelt is taught to honor a vow, to defend her family at all costs and how to be a strong woman capable of the Marshal name. Upon her marriage to Hugh Bigod, her father-in-law demands that she forget all else but to honor and obey her new family. Mahelt struggles to fly with her newly clipped wings. Precarious times leave her birth family and her marriage family on opposite sides of the fence. Mahelt loves her husband, but it is impossible for her to watch her family suffer. As the hands of time move forward, it is the Bigod family facing political treachery. Can Mahelt both please and protect her birth and marriage families?
This is the first Elizabeth Chadwick book I have read and I am hooked! When I first got the book, I was daunted by how large this book seems. When I cracked open the book, I was transformed into Mahelt's world! I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down. I was so captivated, I found myself dreaming about Mahelt's world. I am definitely addicted to the Marshal Family Story now.
I loved how unrelenting Mahelt is. She never gives up without a very strong fight. But she also has a soft side. She is constantly putting others' needs and safety before her own. She is a perfect heroine.

Some of my favorite parts:
"... she is so different from day to day. You never know whether there will be clouds or sunshine. You bask in the sunshine and run for cover when there's a thunderstorm... but you are never bored, and sometimes you are overwhelmed that such a beauty could even exist."

I won this book from Laura at Laura's Review.  
Thanks Laura for this amazing read!!

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