Friday, March 7, 2014

Mapmaker's Daughter by Laurel Corona

Amalia de Cresques, daughter of the famous mapmaker, sits alone in 1492 waiting for exile or death. Living her life as a Jew in Spain has lead her to this point in her life. But things were different once. Amalia recounts her life and wonders if the famous Catalan Atlas will lead her home or to death.

This is my first novel by Laurel Corona, though I have another of her books and am dying for a second. Her writing style is gorgeous. Amalia's life story is amazing. She travels extensively, especially for a woman of this era. Each setting has a distinct feel, and I enjoyed this ability to transport the reader to each location. I also loved how the author showcased the interaction between the three major groups inhabiting Spain and Portugal. I loved how Amalia fit it or didn't with each group. The book is full of beautiful poetry and gorgeous relationships. I really enjoyed this book.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me a review copy via Netgalley.

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