Friday, February 28, 2014

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and Arkansas Library 2 go!

"To my dear and unfortunate successor".  These are the words that catch the eyes of a 16 year old bookish girl snooping in her father's study. As she asks questions over the large vellum bound book with a wood cut dragon in the center, her father tells his story. When the book mysteriously shows up on his library cart, Paul shows it to his mentor, Professor Rossi. To the Professor's horror, Paul has now been selected to his successor in the search for the truth about Dracula. When Rossi disappears, Paul begins a search for his professor with Rossi's daughter, Helen. Traveling the world, Paul and Helen search for Rossi. When Paul disappears before he can end his story, his daughter goes in search of him. The web of mystery seems never ending, and danger is closing in.

This book has become a cult classic. Combining meticulous research, family secrets and mysterious history, Kostova creates a world that readers will relish. Fact and fiction create an intoxicating atmosphere. The beautiful settings make the reader feel as if they are high in the French Alps or settled in a bazaar. This book is amazing. I loved the old mythology.

I read this book two ways. I bought a hard back and I read it on my kindle. I got the Kindle book from a new (to me) service, Arkansas Library 2 Go.  This service allows Arkansas Library users to check out eBooks from a central source. They have some amazing books, I am really looking forward to utilizing this source in the future.

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