Wednesday, February 26, 2014

General's Mistress by Jo Graham

Elza Versfelt has always been good at disguises. When she is foretold she will meet her redheaded soul mate, Elza decides to leave her unstimulating marriage. She becomes the mistress of one of Napolean's generals, Victor Moreau and travels to France as his companion. Taking the name Ida St. Elme, Elza becomes one of France's elite. But Moreau is not her redheaded soul mate. Fate deals Elza a harsh deck and brings the beautiful woman low. This is one woman's story, as she searches for everlasting love.

Elza's story caught my attention from the first scene, when she is disguised as her deceased brother. A risk taker, Elza's story catches fire and never quits burning. Her highs and lows are extreme, but believable. Her story really engages the reader. This book is also one of the Numinous World Books, so Elza does have the gift of second sight, but it doesn't feature as prominently into her story as it has in past books. The love portions of the book can be quite descriptive. This brave woman's story for her quest for love and freedom are amazing. I highly recommend it.

Thank you to the publisher for providing a review copy. 

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