Monday, February 24, 2014

Daughters of the Nile by Stephanie Dray

In this thrilling conclusion of the trilogy from Stephanie Dray, Selene is now the powerful Queen of Mauretania. Juba and Selene have created an place where Selene intends to revive her dynasty and heritage. As she builds her life and her temple to Isis, Selene never intends to return to Rome. But Augustus Caesar demands the return of Selene and her children, Selene must make a choice. Can she save herself and her family, or will all burn down in the shadow of Rome?

I loved this ending to Selene's story. I loved experiencing her heartbreak and triumphs. Selene is a much more mature woman, one who is sure of herself. Her relationship with her children is complex and loving. I loved how Selene really mentors Isadora. Her marriage has taken on a comfortable love. The plot is thick and full of twists and turns. The monsters of Rome haven't died, but have raised the stakes. The book really is wonderful and a must read!

Thank you to the wonderful Stephanie Dray for providing a review copy!

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