Friday, March 20, 2015

The Harem Midwife by Roberta Rich

In this sequel to The Harem Midwife, Hannah, Isaac and Matteo Levi are living in Constantinople, with Hannah plying her trade to the Sultan's harem while Isaac trades silk. When the Sultan's mother finds a Jewish girl she believe us destined to produce the next heir and break the Sultan's obsession with his current favorite, Safiye. Hannah desires to protect the girl, and goes against her better judgement. Also, Isaac's widowed sister in law, Grazia comes to Constantinople seeking her dowry returned, as to the Jewish custom. As Grazia falls into the Levi household, she seeks to disrupt the happy family's life. Once again, Hannah must fight for her family.
This sequel is heart breaking, where The Midwife of Venice is quick paced. Both are excellent. I shook my head sometimes at Hannah, but she is such a loveable character. The book has a tidy ending, but it was a satisfying read.
Thank you to the publisher for a review copy.

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