Monday, September 14, 2015

Curses and Smoke: A novel of Pompeii

Lucia is a daughter of a wealthy man, about to married off to a much richer man. When she reconnects with her childhood friend, Tag, her father's slave and gladiator healer, things begin to change. She finds herself falling in love with Tag, despite her best judgement. She also starts noticing changes in Pompeii, and thinks it's a sign of things to come. When the first earthquake hits and Tag is imprisoned by Lucia's father, both are left fighting for their lives and love. 

I enjoyed this novel. Having previously read one of Vicky Alvar Shecter's novels, I was excited for this one. It lived up to the hype and I really enjoyed it. It is YA, so the themes aren't as heavy, but it's still enough to keep up an adult reader's interest. Very good novel!

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy.

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