Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg

George Sand, novelist, cigar smoker and lover, scandalized 19th century France. Born Aurore Dupin, a daughter of a prostitute and a country gentleman, Aurore is raised by her elderly grandmother after the death or her little brother and father.  When she marries, she expects to be happy, but finds unhappiness. Aurore leaves for Paris and takes a lover and becomes George Sand, novelist. We follow George through her divorce, her series of lovers and her familial drama. 

I enjoyed this book, as I had never heard about George Sand. I liked George, but there are times that it was hard not to be angry at her. She was an enigma, a feminist who loved to be loved, but didn't know how. Her relationship with her lovers and children sucked the life from her. I did enjoy reading about her! She truly was one of a kind!

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy. 

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